Hi guys, I’m Milette, I’m 25, and I live in north-west London.

I’m a Maths PhD student & classical singer. I’ve also dabbled in the startup world (mostly Venture Capital), having worked in that industry in both Hong Kong and Berlin.

For a while I’ve felt like I didn’t have my life quite figured out – but with each passing year, I think I’ve grown closer to mastering the Art of Adulting (copyright pending). I’m definitely not there yet, but recently I’ve managed to get to a state where I can at least pass for someone who has their shit together. I now have a (relatively) tidy home, I cook most of my own meals, and I’m aiming to be a pro dinner party hostess by 2020. I started this blog becauseĀ I wanted to write down my experiences in case they could be of use to anyone – join me as I figure my life out, hopefully without turning into a big dull dud in the process!

Expect to find on my blog things I wish I’d known a few years ago, stuff I enjoy doing, domestic advice, home decorating, recipes, and top life tips I’ve learnt on my journey.

Ciao for now,

Milette xoxo